Spice up your bathroom with this 3D printed Polaroid toilet roll holder

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The Polaroid camera remains a popular favourite since analogue photography started making its big comeback a few years ago. And what better way to pay homage to the format than to have one right next to you while seated on your throne? Oh yes, that’s right, this is a 3D printed Polaroid toilet roll holder, sure to add a bit of instant spark to any photographer’s bathroom.

It was designed by the user Christoferespinozat on Cults3D, where it’s available to download. It will cost you $2.12 (plus the cost of the filament) but that’s a pretty low price to pay to have this beauty in your bathroom.

About the model, its creator says:

Hello this time I bring you a retro design, a toilet paper holder in the shape of a polaroid instant camera, a design to use every day, either in the kitchen, living room or bathroom, you can even take it to the work office and also as a very original gift.

I’m not sure why you’d need one in the living room unless you’re prone to watching a lot of movies that make you cry. He also says that it’s “a must-have for a photo studio” and I have to admit, I kind of agree. The whole thing is printed in multiple parts and Christoferespinozat has posted a video in the listing showing how to assemble it.

I need to stop adding things to my list of stuff to 3D print, but I think I might just have to add this one. It certainly would be an interesting talking point for any visitors who happen to need the bathroom while they’re here!

If you want to print one for yourself, you can buy and download the STLs on Cults3D for $2.12.

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