How To Change Background Color in Photoshop [For Beginners!]

Photoshop Training
Learn how to easily change background color in photoshop!

This easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorial will show you how to properly select a background and change its color.

You will also learn a great method for blurring the background to make it a solid color.

I hope that you enjoy the tutorial and learn a lot!

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📘 INDEX – How To Change Background Color in Photoshop
00:00 – Select the Main Subject
00:13 – Edit the Selection
01:23 – Apply The Mask To a Group
01:43 – Invert the Layer Mask
01:54 – Hue/Saturation Adjustment to Change The Background Color
02:16 – Use the Levels Adjustment to Control Brightness
03:20 – Blur the Background
03:50 – Final Thoughts


How To Change Color in Photoshop

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