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I’m excited to introduce another new writer from our expanding team at Photography Life. Please give a warm welcome to Alex Coleman! Alex impressed us with his wide range of high-quality photos of a huge variety of subjects. You’ve seen his articles on night photography, real estate, and lenses – now here he is to introduce himself.

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Hi, I’m Alex Coleman. I’m excited to be joining the Photography Life team. I was first inspired to take up photography while traveling over 15 years ago. Since then, I’ve continued to enjoy photography as both a hobby and a profession, with travel, landscapes, and architecture remaining my favorite subjects for personal work. As a professional, I’ve worked across a wide variety of disciplines, photographing weddings, product, food, and commercial shoots, as well as residential and commercial real estate.


I primarily shoot on Nikon Z-series cameras, having switched to mirrorless after using multiple generations of Nikon DSLRs, including the D3 and D800 series cameras. As a writer, I’ve also had the opportunity to work with and review Canon’s EOS and R lines, Fujifilm’s X-series cameras, and Sony’s A7 line of cameras. I’ve become quite interested in the possibilities enabled by drone photography, with my Mavic 3 delivering image quality and photographic opportunities that just weren’t possible on smaller and older platforms. In my professional work, I’ve made use of both continuous and strobe lighting, typically made by Godox.


As a photographer, I’m particularly inspired by the exciting and novel scenes available when traveling. My favorite works, as well as those that have won awards from organizations like the American Institute of Architects, were often taken on trips. I also particularly enjoy the challenge created by having constraints on time and conditions at the location – being able to make the best of poor conditions has definitely helped me grow as a photographer.

Grand Canyon at Sunset

Within photography, I like to explore new techniques in both capture and post-processing, where I’ve dabbled in things like focus stacking, panoramas, computational photography, and more. I’ve grown to love the capabilities offered by PTGui for stitching panoramas – over the last couple months, I’ve been revisiting a number of panoramas I’ve shot in the past and taking a second swing at editing them. The additional capabilities offered by the latest processor, GPU, and software advancements have made large panoramas even more enjoyable to edit. Also, as I’ve been picking up more commercial and product photography work, I’ve been building out a larger lighting kit, after having been a lighting-minimalist (read: someone who doesn’t want or need to carry lighting gear up a mountain) for years.

Manhattan Blue Hour

Along with practicing photography, I really enjoy the community that forms around the hobby. I’ve taught a number of workshops focused on landscape photography and post-processing, and I’m currently planning a number of additional workshops now that the travel situation has normalized. Beyond in-person workshops, I’ve written for a number of photography-oriented publications and am always active in the comments section of my articles, so I look forward to hearing from you if you ever have questions or comments for me.

To see some of my work, check out my website at My YouTube channel is ADCImagery, where I’ve got a number of upcoming videos planned where I cover gear, techniques, and post-processing.

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