What do the Polaroid Now+ filters do to your photos?

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Earlier this year, Polaroid launched the Now+, optimistically dubbed as the company’s “most creative camera yet.” It comes with a bunch of filters, and if you’re new to film photography, these may confuse you a bit. If this is the case, Sweet Lou Photography has a video for you. With some great humor and plenty of examples, he’ll show you what these filters do for color and black and white photos in different lighting conditions.

The Polaroid Now+ comes with five filters: blue, orange, yellow, red vignette, and star filter. When shooting color film, the effect of the color filters is pretty straightforward: you’ll get the color tint of the filter you’re using. As for the star filter, it turns any visible light source in your images into a star-shaped flare.

With black and white images, color filters don’t produce a color cast. Instead, they modify the contrast in your scene depending on what you’re shooting. Lou demonstrates all of them with the same two scenes – one photographed indoors with flash and the other outdoors in the sun. As for the star filter, it works pretty much the same with black and white film as it does with the color one.

In this article from Vincent Moschetti, you’ll also see some great examples of how color filters affect your black and white photos. Hopefully, together with this video, these will help you get the idea of how color filters work with film photography.

[what do the Polaroid Now+ Filters actually do? | Sweet Lou Photography]

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