Related exhibitions and events in the community


Asheville Art Museum: “Vault Visible: Photographs”
Selections from the museum’s collection exhibiting a variety of photographic processes. March 12 – May 31. A conversation with photo+craft team members Eric Baden (Warren Wilson College) and Colby Caldwell (REVOLVE): Friday March 25, 12pm.

Blue Spiral 1 : “photoCRAFT”
A national invitational featuring six artists whose work is at the intersection of photography and object making. Artists: Joanne Arnett (fiber), Mary Van Cline (glass/photography), Kristin Skees (photography), Clarissa Sligh (photo books), David Samuel Stern (photography), Hayden Wilson (glass). March 3 – April 29, reception March 3, 5-8pm.

Book Works: “The Elegant Statement”
Curated by Lisa Beth Robinson, this collection of books and broadsides exemplify the relationship between material and meaning; each magnifies the other. Artists in the exhibition work from coast to coast. Some are driven by content, some by structure, but all have a deep respect and passion for our craft. March 5 – April 15, reception March 5, 5-7pm.

Captain’s Bookshelf: “Picture Atlas: Mexican and Japanese photographs in books”
In the spirit of Aby Warburg’s “Mnemosyne Atlas”, an arrangement of images connecting bodies and histories. Organized by Eric Baden. March 25-April 9

Center for Craft, Creativity & Design: “Recorded Matter: Ceramics in Motion”
This exhibition showcases the work of eleven artists who effortlessly integrate video into their studio practice. Some artists use cameras to document their work being used (or abused). Others use video to document a process that is perhaps more important to them than finished, fired objects. All of these pieces have a life of their own on the Internet, where they can be shared in ways that physical objects cannot. January 22 – May 21. 

Orange Space at Cotton Mill Studios: “Hands On: Photographs by Tim Barnwell and Rob Amberg”
Rob Amberg and Tim Barnwell have each been photographing in Western North Carolina for more than forty years. Their deep explorations of the region, its inhabitants and cultures—musicians, makers, farmers, travelers, homesteaders — are clear-seeing labors of love and community, social documents, and indispensable archives of who we are. March 28 – April 4. 

North Carolina Room, Pack Memorial Library: “From the Collection: Photographs of Western North Carolina Craft Fairs”
Warren Wilson College senior Shannon Hebert Waldman has culled images from the North Carolina historical collection that focus on the makers, spaces, and audiences at southeastern regional Craft Fairs from the 1930s-1990s. Waldman asks: how do we display craft to engage an audience? How do makers interact in the fair space? And, what does the audience do to activate craft objects?

Penland School of Crafts: “This is a Photograph | Exploring contemporary applications of photographic chemistry”
This exhibition, curated by artist photographer and educator Dan Estabrook, offers the viewer a chance to come to terms with just what a photograph can be. We are at a time when almost all of the photographs we make and use are created and transmitted digitally, and most of our pictures remain in our phones, or are shared in social media. As a whole, handmade photographs—created through the complex alchemy of light and chemistry—have been universally displaced by the digital. March 22 – May 1, reception Saturday March 26, 4:30-6:30pm.

Pink Dog Creative: “Steve Mann: Orthogonal Convergence — Photographs, 1982-2016”
Steve Mann has photographed as a classic documentarian and visual artist, from his hometown of Asheville, NC, to New Orleans, the American South, India and Africa. Quickly adapting to technological changes, Mann was an early adopter of digital capture technology and has employed its full range, from demanding high-end medium format sensors to the playful and spontaneous iPhone. This exhibition, Mann’s first in Asheville in more than a decade has been curated by Ralph Burns. March 18 – May 26, reception March 18, 5-8pm.

Silverspace, The Asheville Darkroom: “Make Mine Ours”
Baton Rouge artist Andrea Laborde Barbier explores memory through the mordançage process. “What experiences are personal which are not universal? We find sadness, comfort, and joy in that others have been through what we have. The imperfect, fluid nature of the physical alterations reflects the changeable nature of our own memories: beautiful and inconstant despite ourselves.” March 4 – May 1. 

Window | National: “Oyster Perpetual”
Claudia Weber investigates every day spaces, objects, and materials, and the complicated role they play as agents of our current social and economic conditions. January 8 – May 9.


+and in the classroom

Educators visit Art classes at Warren Wilson College. To learn more about how your college students can get involved in these visits, please contact us at info@photocraftavl.com.


Courtney Dodd: “Learning to See: handmade and found objects as photographic filters”
Tuesday, March 22, 1-3:50pm

Clay Harmon: Photogravure demo
Wednesday, March 23, 1-3:50pm

Clay Harmon: Gum Bichromate demo
Thursday, March 31, 9:30am-12:20pm