photo+craft, hosted by Warren Wilson College, is an unprecedented community arts event happening March 31—April 3, 2016 at multiple venues in downtown Asheville and the River Arts District.

Through exhibitions, talks, film and panel discussions, this cross-disciplinary festival explores visual and material culture in the 21st century by examining intersections between photography and craft.


Making, Meaning and Community

Photography and craft have roots in everyday experience, social engagement, and hand manipulated processes. Both also have histories outside traditional visual arts and, as such, have struggled with issues of identity and legitimacy for much of the 20th century.

In the 21st century, access to art processes via digital media, the DIY movement, an increasing desire for the handmade, and the universalization of photography and its distribution through the smart phone, Facebook and Instagram are changing the ways society relates to creative expression.

The idea for this project began with the questions:

  • What happens at the intersections of photography and craft?
  • Where is craft in the digital age of art making?
  • How do the visual and material arts inform each other?
  • How will the next generation relate to contemporary art practices and social engagement?